NeoCrux Ltd
Based in North Carolina

Founding date:
January 2015


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"The Core of Future Gaming." NeoCrux is dedicated to innovation and quality. NeoCrux is a small startup indie studio working on their first title, Gala Collider.


Early history

NeoCrux was officially founded in January 2015, but its first project, Gala Collider, had been in the works for two years already as a paper prototype. Game designer Sebastian Chedal initially hesitated to proceed due to the difficulty of publishing a persistent card game, but even as a paper prototype, playtesting feedback from peers and gamers alike was positive. By the beginning of 2015, Sebastian had met key team members, like Rob Masson and Chris Kirby, and formed its board of directors. NeoCrux has since refined their first game even further and is excited to show the world this passion project!

Banding Together

The beginnings of NeoCrux were in place when Sebastian Chedal met Rob Masson and formed a company around their first game: Gala Collider. Sebastian is multidisciplinary in art, music, technology, and game design. He has experience running two nonprofits and one commercial full-service agency. Supporting him on the board are George Skaff Elias, former VP of Wizards of the Coast; Stephan Brissaud, COO and owner of IELLO USA; and Terry Coleman, a former producer with decades of experience in digital games. The core of the game was coded by Chris Kirby, who also has decades of experience in the game industry. One of his better known, older titles is the arcade game NBA Jam. Stephan and Sebastian knew each other professionally and personally prior to launching this project. Stephan and Skaff go back a long ways to the days of early Magic: The Gathering with Richard Garfield. Terry and Sebastian knew each other from game design conferences in CA at GMT headquarters, and Chris is someone they met on a forum when they started the project who has since become a great friend and invaluable technical architect. Over the last two years, many new faces have been drawn to the project, and NeoCrux are now a diverse and driven team excited to get their first game out. Gala Collider is a passion project from the team and a unique take on the digital card game genre.

Past Projects

While this is NeoCrux’s first venture together, the company is comprised of many members, with a collective experience of more than 50 years in the tabletop and video game industry. Among its ranks are industry veterans such as Skaff Elias, former VP of Wizards of the Coast and developer of Magic: The Gathering: Antiquities; Stephan Brissaud, founder of IELLO USA; Terry Coleman, former producer for many game companies, including EA Sports, Sierra, and Mattel; Sebastian Chedal, former game designer of Shadow Era TCG; and Chris Kirby, a programmer with 20 years experience making games for publishers like Midway Studios and Electronic Arts.




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Gala Collider
Learn more about NeoCrux's game Gala Collider, a sci-fi constantly evolving strategy card game, at Gala Collider.

NeoCrux's Board Members
Learn more about NeoCrux's Board of Directors.

NeoCrux YouTube Page
Subscribe to the Gala Collider YouTube channel to see dev blogs and follow the creation of the game at YouTube.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Sebastian Chedal
President, Creative Director, Game Designer

Skaff Elias
Board Member

Stephan Brissaud
Board Member

Terry Coleman
Board Member

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