NeoCrux Ltd
Based in New York City

Founding date:
January 2015


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NeoCrux is an small studio working on their first indie title, GalaCollider: a free-to-play constantly evolving card game.


Early history

Officially founded in January 2015, NeoCrux and its project GalaCollider existed before then. The idea was first concepted in the summer of 2013 by creative director Sebastian Chedal, who playtested the game using paper prototypes for the next year. Positive feedback from both game designers and players alike encouraged Sebastian to take the next big step and start looking for a team.

Banding Together

The early beginnings of a team were in place when Sebastian met Rob Masson, board member and secretary, as well as Chris Kirby, a British developer who started working on the digital prototype. From there, the team continued to grow, hiring teammates through a variety of channels, including forum chats, networking events, subreddits, and past projects.

Past Projects

While this is our first venture together, NeoCrux is comprised of many members with a collective experience of more than 50 years in the tabletop and video game industry. Among our ranks are industry veterans such as Skaff Elias, developer of Magic the Gathering: Antiquities, Stephan Brissaud, founder of IELLO USA, Sebastian Chedal, lead designer of Shadow Era TCG, Trevor Worral, game developer on Shadow Era TCG, and David Logan, owner of Night Light Interactive. We’re excited by the vision and direction of GalaCollider and can’t wait to share the result with you.


Learn more about NeoCrux's game GalaCollider, a free-to-play, constantly evolving card game, at GalaCollider.

NeoCrux's Board Members
Learn more about NeoCrux's Board of Directors.

NeoCrux YouTube Page
Subscribe to the GalaCollider YouTube channel to see dev blogs and follow the creation of the game at YouTube.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Sebastian Chedal
President, Creative Director

Skaff Elias
Board Member

Stephan Brissaud
Board Memmber

Terry Coleman
Board Memmber

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