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Q4 2016

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Master your strategy - Conquer the galaxy. GalaCollider is a constantly evolving card game set four billion years in the future when the Milky Way is amid a multimillion year collision with its neighboring galaxy, Andromeda. A fresh twist on the familiar, GalaCollider fuses the 4X strategy genre with a digital card game, to create an easily accessible game that boasts deep strategy without the micromanagement.


GalaCollider was first conceived in summer 2013, and only existed in the form of paper prototypes for the first year. The game might’ve stayed as just another idea if it weren’t for the support of its fans (and a little bit of luck). Game designer Sebastian Chedal initially hesitated to proceed due to the difficulty of publishing a persistent card game. Yet, even as a paper prototype, playtesting feedback from game designers and gamers alike was positive, and many encouraged Sebastian to pursue the idea. By the beginning of 2015, Sebastian had met key team members, like Rob Masson and Chris Kirby. Through forum chats, networking events, and reddit ads, the team grew further into the company it is today. We can’t wait to show you GalaCollider.


  • 4X meets digital card game. GalaCollider fuses the conquest of 4X games with the deckbuilding and drafting elements of digital card games, creating a new genre with the best aspects of each.
  • Modify your deck in game. Build your deck and seed your technology pool before each game with your favorite strategies. Then, modify your deck as you play to adapt your deck and beat your opponents.
  • Play at your own pace. Optional turn timer allows for either long, calculated matches over several days or for quicker, casual skirmishes that you can play in a single sitting.
  • Asymmetrical factions. Conquer the galaxy as the quick, alien Sylith faction or the steadfast, human-descended Coalition, and stand your ground as more factions join the fray post-release.
  • Simultaneous turns. Simultaneous turns speed up gameplay and reduce waiting time to a minimum, and makes the game easily scalable for new game modes with many players on the same map.
  • Co-author the story. Player interactions, tournament and event outcomes will directly influence the story of GalaCollider and future events.
  • Constantly Evolving. As the story unfolds, players will be challenged to play the game in new ways, in constantly changing territories of space. The metagame will stay fresh as your tactics evolve and adapt to the regular releases of new cards, new mechanics, new game modes (various team, co-op, solo modes of play etc.), and new maps that promote different strategies.
  • Single player AI matches to train your skills and perfect your deck
  • Tutorial Puzzles. A single player experience that teaches players GalaCollider’s key gameplay mechanics.
  • Regular release cycles. Each release cycle of cards will explore a different theme and showcase new mechanics, opening up fresh strategies for you to discover and master.


What is GalaCollider? YouTube

[Alpha 4]How to Play Pt. 1 YouTube

[Alpha 4]How to Play Pt. 2 YouTube

Gamers Observation Preview of GalaCollider YouTube

Interview with BoardGameGeek (very old version) YouTube

[Full Game]Alpha 4 Playtesting YouTube




Selected Articles

  • "With deep, strategic gameplay that doesn't get too complex to be inaccessible, GalaCollider is a rich and refreshing take on the ever-expanding market of digital card games. [...] It's highly engaging and I look forward to sinking a lot of time into the game."
    - John Bridgman, Indie Games
  • "I believe GalaCollider could be a contender for a game of the year award. Nothing else has been this innovative in a long time."
    - Zac Phoenix, TradingCardGames
  • "Sounds really awesome and it looks like there are a lot of deep mechanics involved"
    - Brad Cummings, BoardGameGeek
  • "Intuitive and easy. [...] I went into this having never played a card based video game, but GalaCollider certainly converted me. [...] Even at this early stage, the game has so much depth and replayability, I was actually struggling to stop playing because I was enjoying finding all the nuances to it."
    - Edd Harding, Video Game Almanac
  • "[NeoCrux] has put a whole lot of thought into deckbuilding. It's nice to see that it's not just 'Here's an attack card. Here's a defense card.'"
    - Travis Williams, Reflective Riot
  • "This is a pretty ambitious game, and I say that in a good way."
    - Jose San Mateo, Indie Haven

GalaCollider's Dev Blog
Follow the process of creating GalaCollider at GalaCollider Dev Blog.

NeoCrux YouTube Page
Subscribe to the GalaCollider YouTube channel to watch dev blogs and in game footage at YouTube.

About NeoCrux Ltd

NeoCrux is an small studio working on their first indie title, GalaCollider: a free-to-play constantly evolving card game.

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GalaCollider Credits

Sebastian Chedal
President, Creative Director

Skaff Elias
Board Member, Consultant

Stephan Brissaud
Board Member, Consultant

Terry Coleman
Board Member, Consultant

Chris Kirby
Lead Programmer

Omari Straker

Nate Diamond

Thomas Lowry
QA Manager

Nina Park
HR Manager

Connor Bridgeman
Marketing Manager

Robert Miedema
Senior Marketer

Amy Ballinger
Creative Writer

Cedric de Leeuw
Video Editor

Trevor Worral
Game Developer (Balance / Meta control)

Ash Warne
Community Manager

Sidney Dawson III
Public Relations

Sydney Meeker
Creative Writer

Rafael Pacheco

Justin Hoffman
Web Developer

Kyle Sutherland
QA Tester

Richard Simms
QA Tester

Melissa Wallace
QA Tester

Vanessa Leong
QA Tester

Lorcan O'Shanahan
UI Designer, Motion Graphics

Drew Hoffman
UI Design and initial Art Direction

Leonardo Peñarnda
3D Modeler, Concept Art

Rafael Morais
3D Modeler, VFX

Lief Dahl
3D Modeler

Sam Watson
Composer, Sound Designer

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